Potter’s Wheel Classes


I’m now offering a flexible plan for potters wheel classes, which will include 3 pottery classes planned in coordination with your own schedule at my home studio in North Charleston, SC! This ticket purchase covers one person each.

Once you’ve made your purchase, a downloadable gift certificate will be available to you. The download is only available once, and may be printed and given in person or emailed to melithompson95@gmail.com to get started. Email me at the address mentioned to schedule your first class and receive my home studio address (for online privacy reasons). I’m so excited to work with you or your loved one on creating a wonderful piece of pottery on the wheel!

Wheel throwing classes are not recommended for:

  • Children younger than 12 years (for younger than 16, parental attendance required)
  • People who may have issues with their arm/hand mobility/strength.
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Ticket covers:

  • Materials and Tools needed to create a single item on the wheel of 2 pounds of clay or less on the wheel
  • 3 sessions to create an item (Throwing, Sculpting/Trimming, Glazing)
  • Safe storage
  • Safe transportation to and from firing location
  • Local pickup for finished piece


Please note: Pottery is a very particular craft and things can go wrong at nearly every stage. I will guide you through each of the steps needed to create your piece but please note there are possibilities for your piece to develop cracks, glaze imperfections, minor issues, etc. If metallic glazes are used, the item will not be microwave or dishwasher safe. All items created will be food safe with the right glazes, as well. Should a larger issue occur and your piece becomes severely damaged during firing, a refund may be given. Refunds cannot be given for missed classes.

Also, my home studio is a humble setup. I converted our home garage into a studio space for my pottery business back in 2020. These classes take place within our residential address, so for privacy reasons I will share our location in North Charleston SC whenever you are ready to get started!

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