Ceramic Christmas Tree Pottery Class: November 2021


This listing is for November 2021! (So items will be done just in time for the Holidays!)

This 2 Part Handbuilding Pottery Class will take place at my home in North Charleston, SC. (An email will be sent out with the address after purchase for privacy reasons).

(Please note: item pictured is unfired as a work in progress shot to demonstrate possible christmas tree designs!)

It’s an outside event with tents and tables, and refreshments will be provided.

This class includes:

  • Materials and tools to create two ceramic Christmas Tree (9-10 inches tall) for decoration (Example pictures coming soon!)
  • Two separate class days, for an hour and a half each, with guided creation.
  • Safe storage, transportation, and firing of items.

The 2 dates and stages for each class are:

    • November 7th 2:00pm- 3:30pm: Shape and Decorate Christmas Trees

    • November 14th 2:00pm- 3:30pm: Glazing!

    • Coordination for pickup when items are ready in the week(s) after!

This class is perfect for anyone who is not able to throw on the potters wheel, or is looking for a fun activity to do with family and friends. There is no throwing on the wheel with this class!


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Snacks and refreshments will be provided :)

Some of my items have a real gold luster which I’m now offering for an additional fee. This requires the items to be fired an additional round. Gold Luster glaze is hazardous and a specialty option, so we’ll go over where or how you’d like your gold detailing to be after the glaze firing.

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This listing is for November 2021! (So items will be done just in time for the Holidays!)

Things to know:

Pottery is a beautiful, amazingly fun area of work that I absolutely adore. That being said, sometimes it can be fickle and things can go wrong. I will guide each class with my knowledge on ceramics and glazes as an opportunity for a hands-on project for anyone curious about ceramics, or who just want the opportunity to do something different and fun! I intend to take care of every item to the best of my ability in every stage, in the safest way possible.

It is a possibility though, that the item you create may run into issues at any stage in this process such as cracking, breaking, glaze imperfections, etc. I cannot issue refunds related to these issues. I also cannot issue refunds due to missed classes.

Classes may be subject to weather, but we may seek other options, such as rescheduling.


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