Pre-Orders Are Open!

Pre-Orders for January 2021 will be open from 12/26/2020- 1/8/2021

All items from this pre-order set will be delivered by 1/22/2021- 1/23/2021

Bee Mugs

Bee mugs are back by popular demand! Made as a test run and for fun, I decided to reopen those designs for this pre-order set! Every mug comes with one bee and 6-7 honeycombs in gold!

Moon Mugs

My staple mug design, that I’ve made from day one and still gets plenty of love- Now available with gold or silver (white gold) moons!

Mushroom Mugs

You lovelies asked so many times for mushrooms so I am listening! I love these designs and they are going to be so adorable to make into a reality!

Rose Mugs

These cute designs are similar the last pre-order’s rose mugs, but this time the roses will be red, and the leaves green, with various glaze colors for the mug itself. I’m really excited about these!

Interested in something else?

Reach out to me and let me know! I’m always up for trying new things and commissions. 

Mugs Available for Pre-Order

Each kind has real gold or white-gold detailing, and will be 12oz-16oz mugs depending on variation. If you would like to order more than one or an assortment with minor customizations, please reach out to me for a custom invoice!




Mug Designs from the Winter Pre-Order Set!