Order Calendar

Order Calendar

Updated: 5/7/2022

Use the information below to see where your order number is in my creation process and if you have any questions please let me know! If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email at melithompson95@gmail.com

If you have placed a custom order, please reach out to me via email to get verification on which batch you’re a part of if you do not see yours described in the sections below.

This page will be updated as needed weekly! This is a one woman operation over here, I truly appreciate your support and understanding as I create your pieces!

Please note that all orders are created in bulk batches together and things can go wrong during the process steps between creating and firing. If your order has been affected or is adjusted to move to the next batch, it will be described below and prioritized. Aside from that, each order is prioritized by order number.

Please reference the calendar above for more details on the creation cycle of each batch in May (Purple, Pink, and Blue)

April Batch:



May’s Purple Batch:




May’s Pink Batch:


Creation Process Ongoing

  • 6 Bunny Mugs, Stone Golem Dice Tower, and 20 Incense Holders