Frequently Asked Questions

How long do orders typically take?

Orders often take between 4-6 weeks to create and fulfill due to regularly creating online and local stock, alongside not yet owning my own kiln. Soon though, this timeline will shorten! With every sale I get closer and closer to making that a reality.

Are my mugs dishwasher/microwave safe?

Unless your item has gold or white gold overglaze on it, your item is dishwasher and microwave safe. I would recommend minimal use in the microwave however to take the best care of the piece.

When did you get into pottery?

I was first introduced to pottery in highschool, and then picked it back up again as a hobby at the start of the pandemic. 

Do you make anything other than mugs?

Yes! I make bowls in the winter time unless custom ordered, and I  often make incense burners, moon phase wall hangings, and other ceramic crafts.

Is this what you do for a living?

Gratefully and amazingly, yes. Due to online presence and continuing to create content on social media, I’m actually able to run my artistic business full time.

Do you take customs?

I do! You can submit an interest form on my contact page for direct requests.

Do you ship outside of North America?

I do, you just have to reach out to me through the contact page to set up a custom invoice to take customs shipping into consideration!

How do you make your works?

I use a potters wheel and a local kiln to create and fire my pieces!