Roll Initiative…It’s time for Monsters.

Hello there adventurer, I’m so glad you’re here with me today on my magical site. I have several new mug designs for the adventurous D&D Roleplayer, and I’m very excited to offer them to you!

Below are five new mugs for my new Monster Mug series! Each one is hand sculpted by yours truly, and they’re bound to give you some extra charisma at your next session (though you’ll have to take that up with your DM/GM).

Feel free to poke around, I don’t think they bite.

Dungeons & Dragons, … and Fae

If you’ve followed my pottery creation over the past year or so you’ll know all about my spiralling adventure deeper and deeper into the abyss of Dungeons & Dragons- and how that journey has created a whole new path of artistic inspiration for new ceramic crafts for me to make. Well, I’m happy to say that I am now considering myself a D&D themed ceramic shop and ‘nerdy’ ceramics will be my specialty. 

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Dice Towers

Ceramic Dice Towers, you read that right. Roll your next check in confidence with these hand sculpted cuties, they make the most wonderful clinking noises too with whatever dice you choose.

Also! Every dice tower now comes with a felt covered base to protect your favorite gaming area.

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