Ceramic Dice

I hear you, I hear you! Ceramic Dice are in the works and I am VERY excited. They’re still in production, and I’m shooting for a drop soon! Currently, I’m fine tuning how the numbers are detailed on each dye.

The dice themselves will be sold as a standard polyhedral sets containing a d20, d12, d10 and a percentile die, d8, d6, and a d4. Each set will be priced at $75.

For now, individual dice will not be available for sale.

For a limited time, I’m offering a special for people to get in line for the dice drop.

By purchasing a ‘Early Bird’ ticket below for $10, you will be signed up to the Dice Drop Email List and will be able to order your Dice Set for $55 instead. Subscribers to the Dice Drop Email List will be informed of the finished Dice available 24 hours in advance as well with each drop!

Why am I offering Early Bird tickets? This will help me determine the amount of people who are interested in my Dice Sets and will better help me prepare!

If this interests you at all, please follow the link below to get your spot!


  • Are ceramic dice fragile? No, ceramic dice are actually one of the most traditional materials for dice making and are very durable. As long as you’re not throwing these down on the floor with a vengeance you’ll be fine.
  • Will they damage my table? A dice tower, box, or covered throwing space is recommended for ceramic dice. Please do not use ceramic dice on glass table tops!
  • What if I sign up for an Early Bird Ticket but don’t like any of the dice sets that are dropped? You can stay subscribed to the Dice Drop Email List for early notification of the upcoming drops and can apply your $10 discount to a different set in a future drop or a different ceramic item. Please feel free to reach out to me if this situation applies to you!
  • Are they weighted? No, ceramic dice are solid all the way through with the same ceramic material.
  • How will drops work? Instead of taking orders for dice, I’ll be doing drops of ready-to-ship sets. That’s why becoming subscribed to the Dice Drop Email List is recommended!
  • And shipping? Dice sets will ship with insured, priority shipping to addresses within the US and Canada. If you live outside of these areas, please reach out to me for custom shipping pricing.