Hey there lovelies!

I’ve recently made the decision to niche down into making more ‘nerdy’ ceramic items for you loves, such as my d&d dice towers and mugs, but don’t worry! I will still accept Made To Orders and customs for things outside of Dungeons and Dragons or other nerdy things, I just really love making the nerdy things regularly. It’s been honestly bringing me so much joy and I’m going to follow that feeling and wherever it takes me.

By following that feeling, I became inspired this month to create a new series of mugs: Monsters. I started out with the more commonly known and popular monsters from Dungeons & Dragons- the Mimic, the Beholder, the Tarrasque, a Mind Flayer, and of course, a Gelatinous Cube. Eeach of these designs are currently available for preorder now on my website, and you can even see a peek at the process of how my first Mimic Mug came out in the pic above! Isn’t it perfectly creepy? I’d hate to roll a low perception check on that in the morning before making my coffee for sure.

I hope you all love these new designs as much as I do, and I can’t wait to make each one! 



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