So um. Hi. Hey there…fancy seeing you here.

I realized the other day that I haven’t updated my blog here on my lovely little website in quiet some time- I guess the chaos of jumping into my business full time really set this little tidbit back on the priority list. And while that’s understandable and okay for someone like myself who’s running her own business, creating all the products, making all the promotional material, posting all the posts on all the platforms, attending local markets and events, and all the while trying to live life like a normal person- I still wanted to pop in and say ‘hi’.

I’ve been staying very busy lately, and looking back at how I originally planned to build my business versus where it is now, I can definitely say that not only have things changed but it’s been a healthy path. I don’t feel as burnt out as I did before in my previous work path and I get to create things I personally enjoy. Knowing that each time I create an item that someone out there is going to want said item for their homes or to give as the perfect gift for another just fills me with so much joy!

So as I sat here today updating my website and its branding (Thank you Mae Creative for your lovely work!), I reflected on the things that have changed for me so far in the past year alone…

  • I thought I would be making most of my sales in town but in reality, you lovelies online take up the larger percentage of my sales each month!
  • I thought I would have my own kiln by now, but it’s just not the right time. We are thinking of moving soon to our ‘big kid’ home and I’d like to set up a kiln there once we’re settled. (Rather than moving one and hoping it doesn’t break during the move.)
  • I thought I’d have a consistent style down where people could easily recognize my work anytime it was posted…yeah turns out that finding a style for your art takes longer than a year. Which, granted, I knew, just ambitious is all. I have been told that my mug handles are pretty recognizable so that’s a start!
  • I thought I’d possibly be working in an outside of home studio- but no, the garage studio is still working just fine for me! Plus, I can take breaks with Lulu-B anytime I need to. It’s pretty nice being able to work from home with her by my side.
  • I also thought I’d be lonely, and I’m thrilled to say that’s not the case. Working from home at first did prove to be a challenge and I did get lonely at times, but the more active I became online the less that was a factor. I started to get to know so many new lovelies through social media platforms, and many of you keep me company during the day via lives or video chats. Many of you are like my ‘work buddies’ in a way, with the way I see you so often while I work.

I’ve always struggled with change or things not going according to plan. Thankfully, these changes were gradual and felt natural. Honestly, this entire process has.

Nothing feels more natural to me than creating functional art pieces I love, and sharing them with you all!

So thank you for being here, and I pinky promise I’ll try to stay in touch.

-Love, Tink