Hello lovelies! It’s been a moment since I updated my ‘public diary’ here on my cute little site. How have you been since January?

It really has been since January when I last updated this space, but don’t worry- things have been amazing!


I’ve recently made the adjustment to stepping into my pottery full time and transitioning to owner in my other small business instead of office manager. What this means for me is that I’m still able to be a part of and guide that business, but also take steps towards my own dreams and passions. What this also means is that I’m able to be more active now in pottery itself! I’m creating larger batches, attending local markets, and preparing for online drops! 

My next online drop is anticipated for the end of this month, and I will be aiming to complete online drops at the tail end of every month (holidays depending). Every month for the past two or three months now I’ve attended the Frothy Beard Vendor Markets (the next one is June 26th and I am SO excited!) and I’ve also dipped my toes in the water with Summerville’s lovely Third Thursday markets. My first Third Thursday was kind of a dud- I didn’t have all of my items that day and I was very frustrated about it- but the upcoming one this week is going to be awesome. I have so many lovely items I can’t wait to share with you!

I’ve also made an update to my shop here on my website, have you noticed? My staple items are now available for pre-orders on a regular basis. This applies to my sunflower mugs, custom designs, stamped phrase designs, and some other fun ones! I would love it if you would check it out!


And last but not least, Pottery Classes! I have been asked once, twice, and close to a million times whether or not I’d consider offering pottery classes. Well, now I have! 

I am doing monthly group classes of 6, and tonight I published the product listing for individual private sessions. I’m so excited to be offering these classes and I cannot wait to see the creative works that come from them! Even the June class I’m going through currently has had such an amazing turnout. 


This month has been such a wonderful time of growth and change, but it also comes with some classic imposter syndrome and nervousness. This is a new adventure, and even though I’ve transitioned to owner in my other business, this is starting from scratch. I know I have to go through the same trial and errors, mistakes and lessons, and hard-learned experiences that came from any new business adventure, and that’s a bit scary. The security isn’t as stable as once was, but the newness and the creativity are thrilling. The support and feedback have been overwhelming! I just can’t get enough, and there’s too much joy in this process for me to ignore. 

So even though it’s a new adventure and I’m starting fresh, I’m eager for it. And I can’t thank you and those who have supported me as I’ve grown, and continue to grow. It truly means the world, thank you!


I hope life is treating you well lovelies, it’s crazy out there. But just know that adventures are worth experiencing, and change can be good. Growing pains are natural, and you’re not alone.