Orders Completed & Shipped!

There’s something about hitting the Print Shipping Label button for the last order from this set, and then seeing Woocommerce display that all my orders have been fulfilled that just makes me feel accomplished- and relieved. Everyone’s pieces turned out beautiful, no casualties or remakes- it was a very smooth process for this batch!

I did have a minor hiccup with high firing my clear glaze (I learned it did not like that) and then had to re-fire the clay, but one quick bribe involving a cupcake to my kiln-owning friend solved that problem pretty quickly.

I also found some colorful tape at Staples for these packages, and it really adds a nice touch! I think this weekend I may brainstorm and plan some goals for fixing up my packaging designs. Pink boxes would be so adorable, but I think they’ll need to have something ‘more’ to them than just pink. We’ll see 😉

Upcoming Events and Valentines Day Drop!

So! Some upcoming things. First off, on February 5th I’ll be participating in my next market- The Gypsy Market outside of a local cuban restaurant I adore named The Gypsy Parlor. Their witchy shop upstairs attracts a lot like-minded loves who also love stars and moons- and what better way to show off that love than with a cutesy mug by yours truly? All kidding aside, it’s truly an adorable place, and I highly recommend it! That event’s info is below, please come out to see me if you’re in the area! I’ll have a lot of cute items this time around, I think it’s going to be a blast.

Also, on February 10th, I’m doing a drop! This drop will feature some Valentines Day items, and I’ll start featuring those soon so keep yours eyes peeled for them! 

Thank you loves as always for your love and support, it really means the world! I hope you all receive your orders quickly and safely, and please take some adorable pics for me to see and share! There’s nothing more adorable than cute mug babies in their forever-homes! Night all!