Y’all seriously love some bee mugs. 

Loves, you all blew me out of the water this month! This past week has been my most successful time frame for orders, and maybe it was because I had friends help spread the word and people are finally Christmas shopping- and who doesn’t love a local, handmade mug from a small business? Or maybe it was because a video of mine got a TON of unexpected attention on TikTok…either way, I needed to make sure to take down my order page on Saturday night because y’all were still coming in!

It was a good problem to have, don’t get me wrong, but since I make each of these babies with my two hands and there’s only one of me, I needed to make sure to keep a specific number in mind so that I could get everything done and shipped to y’all in time for Christmas.

Speaking of, I’m extremely proud of this batch. You guys really, and I mean really, positively reacted to the bee mug designs. I had more bee mug orders than the other products and pre orders combined. So, bee mugs- check. Got the message loud and clear, haha.

The market I’ll be a part of in January is January 1st in my hometown, so I’m still gathering little things here and there to make sure I get everything ready. Tablecloths, little shelves, tags, etc. It’s a whole other headspace I wasn’t prepared for, but I’m thoroughly excited for all the same! I can’t wait to see this batch of mug babies come out of the kiln all finished and glazed, let alone on a market table- my FIRST market table. I’m so antsy for it to come!

But, everything in due time. I’m reached a point now to where everything I have made just needs to dry out fully before taking it to my local kiln for firing. Then we go through the song and dance of glazing, firing, gold-glazing, and firing again. After that, it’s packaging time, and I couldn’t be happier about that! I think I’ll package things up myself this time around, there are way to many orders to carry into my local USPS store to ship off to y’all. They’d get fed up with me in a second, haha.

And then, anything left over from the pre-orders goes to the market, and then anything left over from the market will go out on my shop online! So Jan 2nd, expect some new items to drop! (Don’t worry, Ill hold back a couple of items just in case the market goes even better than I can plan for!)

Thank you all so much for your support this year, loves. Since I started this adventure in March-ish this year, and started with only a single bag of clay and a couple tools, I’ve learned so much and I’m thrilled to continue. Your support this holiday season not only means I’m able to give a little bit more to loves of my own this year, but it also means I am funded to continue making things and growing my brand. 

It really means the world. Happy Holidays lovelies, I’ve got some work to do! <3