I’ve been busy.

Loves, this past month has been a whirlwind. Time has been hitting the gas since it November first came and it doesn’t feel like it’s letting up at all anytime soon.  The end of the year is the busy season for our day business in marketing, and we just hired a new team member to train and take some of my (over loaded) work load. Which has been awesome, but the balance between my marketing job and ceramic passion have been a little on one side recently. 

That’s why this weekend I’m spending most of my time focused on my ceramics, to give myself an indulgent creative break. Yay for making things and taking new steps!

I’ve learned that I need to plan much farther in advance than I initially expected too. As some of you know, I had planned on dropping new pieces on Halloween this year- well, that didn’t happen. I’m sorry if you’re disappointed at all! I know I’ve been trying to keep you all updated, and I think things have been going well for the most part. The whole kiln situation also ads a layer of balance I’m still trying to master.

Recently, I’ve secured a game plan for a number of pieces per fire for a local kiln owner that treats my pieces better than the last. The shop I go to is so much kinder, and the personality in those ladies little fingers’ could conquer this town. In summary, I feel at home, haha.  I’ve also ordered some new glazes, and started prepping more pieces. AND the biggest news of all?

I’ve signed up for my first market!

I guess my blog title may have given it away, but I’ve signed up for my first market to set up a booth and sell items at here in town. It’s a winter market at the beginning of January so stay tuned as that approaches! That’s going to be a new experience for me as far as prepping to sell products are concerned, and it gives me plenty of time to create a solid batch of items.

While I’m preparing for that, I am considering opening pre-orders for the holidays. This time around though, the customization will be different in order to keep consistency. I’ve been working on some bee mugs, moon mugs, and floral mugs that you guys really seemed to love on Instagram last month. Those test mugs I took shots of and posted are currently firing now, so I’ll be able to have a reference for what they’ll look like. 

Overall, I’ve learned a slew of things in order to do this consistently.

  • I need to make large batches of similar items to take to get fired in total
  • If I do Pre-Orders, it needs to be a specific number and with limited customizations
  • I need to create a calendar of steps to work on each stage of the process
  • I need to get SO much better at budgeting for firings and products

Thank you loves as always for supporting me and being understanding as I build this. Obviously, the holidays coming up makes timelines tight, but I’m really excited to open pre-orders again and show you guys what I have planned. 

Pinky Promise, that market is going to be amazing.