It’ll Be An Adventure

I’ve been staying busy loves, and now that Pre-Orders are officially closed, it’s time to get clayin’!

September 26th is the launch of my Etsy Shop, stay tuned!

 This past week was a little overwhelming, and honestly it wore me down on a couple days. I live a very busy life and sometimes the structure of it, though exactly what I need to take care of my mental health, can be draining. My average day entails working out for an hour, working at my day job in marketing for 8 hours avg., cooking/eating my three meals when I can in between daily activities, and an average of 1-2 hours of drive time.  My day job is at my other small business- a local marketing company I’ve run with my fiance for the past 6 years in Summerville, SC. 

Along with the daily activities, there’s the weekly stuff. I meet with my therapist every Thursday because she helps remind my brain what it’s supposed to do, a physical trainer every Friday who keeps me accountable in my fitness goals, and I’ve just started getting into a routine with a local yoga class every Saturday morning. I guess, long story short, I stay busy.

All of this goes without saying of course that I love the things in my life, but sometimes life just gets too crazy. We are in the middle of a pandemic after all, and no one really knows what’s best to do. We all have our own battles we’re fighting in the midst of the world spinning like a top on fire.  So, be kind to people, you know?

The structure I’ve built for myself though is important because when I do slip and fall, I have a support system of family and friends that are here for me. I’m friends with people at my gym who text me if I don’t show up, I love the baristas at Coastal Coffee Roasters and chat with them often so they always know when ‘somethings up’, I’ve created a welcoming space for my team members at work so we often get into discussions and take care of each other too,… Honestly when I sit back and reflect on it, I end up feeling very loved and taken care of by my community. I’m very hard on myself sometimes, and it shows at the end of busy weeks like this one was.

So today, I’m taking the afternoon to treat myself and take some time to love myself and my art. The garage door will be going up, the incense will be lit, and we’re talking music, iced coffee, and clay for several hours my loves. 

Creating things makes my heart feel nourished and joyful, and goodness knows I have enough orders to create things all weekend. Honestly that may be only enough to make a dent in the orders I currently have but I’m excited all the same.

Thank you again for those of you that have pre-ordered or are being cheerleaders for me on the sidelines. This is a totally new adventure and I am putting my heart, soul, time, and money into it with everything I’ve got. I couldn’t do it without the reassurance I’ve received from you all- I mean, I dipped my toes in the water and put the question out there and you guys practically took my hand and jumped in with me. Encouraging me every step of the way. You’re amazing and I’m so grateful.

I pinky-promise this will be a adventure and it will be worth it, I can’t wait to see everything come together.