It’s Going To Be So Cute

It’s getting closer lovelies! Launch date is upon us in a couple of weeks!

September 26th! (Decided to roll it back to a Saturday!)

I never thought I’d be doing this, but I’m just so excited. Lately, I’ve been collecting goodies to include in the orders’ packaging. This little sneak peek is all you get- little paper flowers and rainbow/sun erasers. A select few here in town know what else I’m planning to include, and let me tell y’all, they’re so excited too. I’m just ready to start glazing, but at this point I’m about halfway through your pre-orders. 

In the first week of September, I’ll have everything ready to fire at a local kiln and then the colorful stuff starts! I can barely keep my smile under control over here.

A lot of people don’t realize, but there’s a lot of anxiety tied into firing ceramics. If the clay isn’t dry enough, if it has one air bubble that’s just a little too large, if the glaze is overly-coated and it drips into the kiln, or if something explodes and breaks something around it- these are all COMMON worries with this creative process. So many steps to keep in mind, and don’t get me started on the world of gold lusters. I’ve been researching that a lot because I finally have my own to use and let me tell you, it’s fickle. If your brush alone has a little dust or some other contaminate on it when you paint, it can change the color of your luster completely! As well as a handful of other issues that could potentially happen. 

Thankfully though, my anxiety is comforted despite all those potential negative outcomes because of the progress I’ve been making. I’ve received over 15 orders at this point, and I know of a few other people who are waiting just a little bit longer to get their orders in so that number will probably grow over time. I’ve been able to put some finances back into this venture by getting new glazes specifically for the first stock launch (things are gonna get spooky!) and other things like the add-ons for the orders. Everything is so cute and colorful in my workspace right now; piece by piece it’s becoming a happy place for me and my creative work. 

Pinky Promise, it’s going to be so cute. Cuter than cute.