Alright loves, here we are. 

This is part of the first chapter in taking steps in reaching my dream. You’re actively reading it, and a part of it, so ‘welcome to the chaos’.

So a little backstory, because this is new, right? I’m working towards a dream of having a ceramic studio. It all really got started because of some gorgeous mugs I saw on Instagram, and then I started following other ceramicists and watching their process. I was (I still am) obsessed. So I plotted and planned, saved and strategized, to turn my garage at home into a space to work on ceramics. I ordered a bag of clay off Amazon, and some tools, and spent a week sketching. 

That was about five bags of clay ago, and the setup is considerably grown since then, but I’m definitely still a newby in ALL of this. My highschool art classes covered a few months of ceramic projects, and most days I find myself trying to dig into those memories to remember specific stages or tricks I had learned back then. At some point between highschool and college, I had determined that ceramics wouldn’t workout as a hobby let alone a job short term, so I set it up on the mind-shelf and trudged through my courses. But sometime this year, right before the pandemic hit, those Instagram mugs put a fresh perspective on things.

For those of you who don’t know, I work as a digital marketer and web designer during the workweek. I watch and absorb new trends as they come and go, and I was watching these beautiful amazing pieces gather viewers, connect a community, and sustain these artists. Just a little thought of ‘maybe I could do that’ and the thought process of doing this full-time practically rolled off that ‘mind-shelf’ all on its own. I am now trying to fulfill this passion and make it a full-time venture in the future. Everything takes time, of course, just one day at a time.  

So you’ve arrived just in time, right at the beginning. I’m finishing up this blog right after having gotten off work for the day, and before heading to my daily workout at the gym. Then I’m heading home to work on pre-orders- which opened yesterday may I add?? Y’all are monsters; amazing, stunning, super-cool monsters.  If you haven’t placed one by the way, I highly recommend it! They’re a great deal, and the final inventory will cost more than the pre-orders will (cause you know, Etsy listings). 

Thank you all for supporting me while I get started on this journey! I intend to use this little blog to post updates on about my home-studio and other things behind-the-scenes. Things like how I have a Guardian Gecko that lives in my garage, or that my wheel’s name is Patricia. You know, stuff like that. It’ll be fun, pinky promise.