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Welcome, lovely! You’ve found yourself in my little corner of the world, and by that of course I mean my online shop for my ceramic creations and other enchanted goodies.

If you’re new here, hello there! I hope you enjoy what I share with you all. I love creating ceramic works such as coffee mugs, ramen bowls, fruit bowls, planters, incense burners, and candle holders. And for my Dungeons and Dragons fans, I create ceramic dice towers and ceramic dice (first drop coming soon)! Feel free to take a look around, I’m thrilled to have you here!


Ready To Ship Items

I regularly update my site with in stock items I create each month in between markets and orders. If you’re seeking something ready to ship, take a look at the items below and more!

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Handmade With Love & Wheelthrown With Whimsy

I have been a potter for a little over two years, but an artist my entire life. I find so much fulfillment in creation and I lean into that gut feeling everyday, letting it guide me on something new to make that brings me joy…and maybe someone else as well. I’ve always said ‘I make what I like and my people will find me’ and since you’re here, it must be true. 

If you’d like to view some of my previous works, please follow the link below to preview a small(ish) gallery of works I’ve made over the years. I truly hope they bring some magic to your day.


Made To Orders

I do typically take in made to orders and custom requests, but for the time being I am pausing the ability to order through the website as I’m adapting to a new full time job as an art teacher! If you’re interested in a custom order, please feel free to reach out to me though and I can see if I can create your special piece for you!

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I sometimes post updates via blog here- take a look and learn more about my art!

Monster Mugs Are Here!

Monster Mugs Are Here!

Hey there lovelies! I've recently made the decision to niche down into making more 'nerdy' ceramic items for you loves, such as my d&d dice towers and mugs, but don't worry! I will still accept Made To Orders and customs for things outside of Dungeons and Dragons...

Back To Blogging, and Reflecting

Back To Blogging, and Reflecting

So um. Hi. Hey there...fancy seeing you here. I realized the other day that I haven't updated my blog here on my lovely little website in quiet some time- I guess the chaos of jumping into my business full time really set this little tidbit back on the priority list....

Full Time Adjustments & Growing Pains

Full Time Adjustments & Growing Pains

Hello lovelies! It's been a moment since I updated my 'public diary' here on my cute little site. How have you been since January? It really has been since January when I last updated this space, but don't worry- things have been amazing!   I've recently made the...

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